The process of releasing a single, EP or album can be quite daunting, especially for artists who have not released music before. There is a lot to think about and plenty of decisions that need consideration. Luckily there is a lot of support out there to make this process easier. At Four Doors Studios we pride ourselves on being a ‘one stop shop’ to assist all our artists with their releases from start to finish.

Aside from being in the studio with recording artist, songwriter, producer, audio engineer and mixing engineer Simon Paparo, many services will be required for the release to be successful and streamlined. To save money, many musicians will try and do as many of these different skill sets as they can. There is nothing wrong with this however we recommend outsourcing as much of the process as you can. These are all varied professions and if you, (the artist), want to present as professionally as possible then outsourcing is the way to go. In other words starts saving your pennies now!

 What can you do yourself?

There are certain things that are simple enough to do yourself ie uploading the music to triple j unearthed, soundcloud, youtube etc, amrap for local radio promotion around Australia, album art (if you are an artist yourself) though we highly recommend outsourcing things like mastering, publicity, graphic design, printing, videography and photography unless you have worked in any of these fields before.

What is the timeline to release a single?

Releasing music is not just a one-week process either. If you hire a professional publicist for example, they will start plugging your release 1 to 2 months prior to release date. The benefit of hiring a publicist is that they will have good relationships with hundreds of media companies that most artists wouldn’t have. If you are doing the publicity yourself you’ll need to start reaching out to physical and online media publications, radio stations and promoting on social media up 1-2 months before your release date especially if promoting to big name media publications and radio stations.

With this in mind it’s best to create a timeline and write a list of what will need to be done in the right order to get a smooth release project sailing. At Four Doors Studios we give each artist a template timeline upon completion of the recording. This enables each artist to have an understanding of the services needed (we can recommend these) and the timing required. We’ll provide an example release timeline on the next blog post.

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