Whenever we start talking to clients about how to prepare for a recording session the discussion is quite simple. We have a ‘pre recording artist checklist’ that is sent to them as soon as the session booking is made. Some of it may seem obvious and some of it may not have been thought of by the artist. Either way it’s good reminder of how to be fully prepared before making your piece of musical history. ┬áThe checklist covers things like; how well are the songs rehearsed?, what type of recording style you prefer ie live or layered?, are you practiced with recording to a click track?, suggestions for practicing with a click and even recording the songs on your mobile phone just as a practice run, warming up your vocal on the way to the studio etc etc. Albeit these are simple ideas and suggestions but they are important to have checked off the list before hitting the studio. Four Doors Studios┬áprides itself on being a studio focused on retrieving the best performance from the musician. A high quality take is critical to achieving a wonderful sound and unlocking the best vision from the artists mind. Simon Paparo the producer, audioenginneer and mixer at Four Doors Studios offers honest and knowledgeable feedback in the studio environment so as to gain the best quality recording possible. Being a performing musician and multi instrumentalist he can offer many options for sound on your recording. Check out our studio gear here. You can hear some of Simon Paparo’s work on the Production page.