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Starting A Home Studio (For Beginners)

Quite often I’ve had questions from artists about how to start your own home studio or most commonly when starting out, a bedroom studio. Especially questions about the gear required to get started. In this blog I’ll guide the beginner audio engineer through the basic...

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Top 5 Music Promotion Tips (For Indie Artists)

When it comes to the wide scope and depth of the music industry it can be quite difficult to get your head around the ins and outs of music promotion (PR) as an independent musician. There are always options to hire a publicist or a radio plugger but these options are...

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Top 5 Mixing Tips

What is mixing? Well I’m not talking about mixing a cake, although that does sound tasty! Mixing is the combining of all individual tracks on a song and enhancing each track in the song with digital or analog processing like compression, eq, reverb etc. These tracks...

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Top 5 Songwriting Tips

It’s hard to say when songwriting first started albeit the earliest song that we know of is the Hurrian Hymn (melody only) written by Syrians 3400 years ago. The earliest complete song (music and words) is written by the ancient Greeks and called The Seikilos Epitaph,...

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In our first blog we talked about Pre-recording so it only makes sense to do another blog on the recording itself. Recording is all about the preparation you do before coming in to the studio. In other words, the more times you’ve rehearsed the songs, the better. Are...

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Recommended Providers

As promised in the previous blog, here is a list of services required for the release process. Four Doors Studios recommended providers are listed below:     MASTERING     Joe Carra – Crystal Mastering      Matt Sibthorpe – Forte Mastering       GRAPHIC DESIGN    ...

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Music Release Timeline

In the previous blog we mentioned that we would give and example of a music release timeline.  This is a timeline with example dates etc. This should get you thinking about the order of which to do things so as to not get caught out with having a delayed release. See...

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Music Release Overview

The process of releasing a single, EP or album can be quite daunting, especially for artists who have not released music before. There is a lot to think about and plenty of decisions that need consideration. Luckily there is a lot of support out there to make this...

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Pre-recording at Four Door Studios

Whenever we start talking to clients about how to prepare for a recording session the discussion is quite simple. We have a 'pre recording artist checklist' that is sent to them as soon as the session booking is made. Some of it may seem obvious and some of it may not...

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